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FILMS IN DEVELOPMENT - all are in the packaging stage

$25 million range:

UNTITLED ACTION FILM (International Action)
A Canadian Police officer and Hong Kong private detective must team up to thwart a world takeover.

$5-10 million range:

INTO THIN AIR (International Thriller)
International espionage and intrigue, with the balance of global economic power at stake.

CHAMELEON (International Thriller)
A young serial killer struggles with his demons when he falls for his next victim.

1000 YEARS LATER (Romantic Comedy)
A modern romantic comedy inspired by one of history’s oldest and most passionate love stories.

MAN OF WAR (International Thriller)
A retired hitman – drowning in alcohol – must rally for a noble cause.

A story of second chances steeped in football history.

A coming-of-age adventure in an exotic, untamed wilderness.

FORBIDDEN DANCE (Music-Based Thriller)
A Faustian thriller set in the underworld of the music industry.

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