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We offer investors and investment groups the opportunity to invest in the development of a film project, or share the revenues of a single film, or amortize across a slate of three to five films.


Project Development
Each solid script and project development will cost up to $200,000, and such costs are borne by the production company. We invite your investment of $50,000 to $100,000 at the crucial stage of development on any feature film. This amount becomes a line item on the budget of the film as it moves into production. Your investment and a healthy return are paid to you on the first day of principal photography.

Single Production
You are invited to partner in the production stage of a feature film. Lucrative partnerships are available in this multi-billion dollar industry. In these investments of $250,000-3 million, you own a percentage of the film in perpetuity – or may choose an exit strategy with your share of the distributed film’s value in-hand.

Slate Production
Individuals, groups or corporations interested in investment of more than $3 million can profit through a limited liability partnership over a slate of three to five films. Current ROI’s show solid 18-28% returns, always with the potential of a much bigger box office hit.

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